Tyler The Creator to present Golf Wang's Fashion Show this Summer.

Golf Wang, a brand with a subtle reference to one of the music’s father Amadeus Mozart, will show his new collection in June II as part of Made LA’s two days of fashion and culture exhibitions. During his interview with Vogue, we noticed some of his quotes.

« Why not do something different? Not everybody in the upper fashion world is wearing all-black Saint Laurent pieces and is super pretentious. I want to show them a different world ».

His collection have mostly been pieces like tees, polos, shorts, and jackets that compose bright colors and tongue-in-cheek graphics.

« I just make whatever clothes I want to wear for the next five months and then run that. I don’t really put deep, intricate though into it, it’s more like a feeling »


24 years old, and the rapper, producer, actor, designer, graphist has already understand how to manage and speak to the crowd. Remember his tee shirt with D.Trump and his Hitler’s moustache?


That is a result of this generation. Adapt a speech to the audience with some particular codes.
Finally, Tyler The Creator’s not a genius, he’s a guy like us. But with more money at the moment.

Here you could find the e-shop of his collection.



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