As a powerful reminder that versatility welcomes all ages, races, sexualities and measures, BARRAGÁN gives life to a humorous reinterpretation of reality - sometimes too narrow and old-fashioned - avoiding all those established closures, creating a world of freedom of expression in which style and originality are the guests of honour.

BARRAGÁN - founded in 2014 as an experimental underground fashion label by the Mexican designer Víctor Barragán, who although does not possess any fashion background, endows an entrepreneurial and passionate spirit - decontextualizes and makes us wonder if what "should be" is adequately stipulated for a world that seeks to be free of prejudice. 


BARRAGÁN was born as a digital brand. First, it was called Ytinifninfinity and had no temporariness; the garments were being launched and adapted to the needs of their consumers - most of whom were in Asia. It was focused in designing ironic t-shirts that incorporated nostalgic references to pop cultures, such as Leonardo DiCaprio crying tears made of MS-DOS folders or a t-shirt spelling L.E.S.B.I.A.N using the logo of Friends.

When Victor decided to move to New York, the project changed its name and began to be formalized, always under a banner of experimentation, without placing barriers or limits on what - according to what society has established - can and cannot be done.



With YtinifninfinitY, Victor Barragán started to build a firm platform on Facebook, Tumblr and Instagram, which as reported by the designer, has been something key for BARRAGÁN success. Today, the brand is considered a fixed name in NY's fashion agenda.

Wild aesthetics, tribal motifs, references to low-calibre pop culture moments and the incorporation of accessories made of organic elements - such as a stone handbag - are some of the recurring resources of the brand, which has become the favourite of anyone who prefers to be interesting and ugly rather than beautiful and easy to forget. 


“Add Barragán to the list of next-generation brands bored of society’s obsession with labels and phobias, proudly and sexually asserting power through mixing men’s, women’s and unisex."



His pieces, made in Mexico, mix classic men's and women's items to create new garments that can be worn by both sexes, giving a twist to fashion trends. 

For BARRAGÁN - that has collaborated with other artists such as Maryam Nassir Zadeh, Rombaut and the Mexico based brand, Ready To Die - the term “commercial” equates to the gag of creative freedom and artistic expression.



Víctor Barragán denies the disappearance of naturalness, protests against the undervaluation of the original, changes the strict rules regarding the canons of beauty for a wide and diverse range of possibilities.

In fashion, there are no barriers, everything is allowed, it's a way to talk openly about whatever is wanted. BARRAGÁN transforms into garments all those sensations that are born from the freedom of the body, the unique being, without prejudices, manifesting the beautiful by nature.

At LABOUTIK, we proudly support and want to share the philosophy and mentality behind BARRAGÁN, as we believe it is an important message of awareness and evolution. Take a look at the BARRAGÁN products we have exclusively selected on our website and discover what this one-of-a-kind brand has to offer.