Located in Portobello Road, in the exclusive and cosmopolitan neighbourhood of Notting Hill, LABOUTIK is truly a one-stop shop that offers a keenly curated mix of unique and trendy styles. Through careful brand selection and an insatiable appetite for fresh perspectives, LABOUTIK is a playground for individuals to develop their personal look. 

From smart to casual and edgy to street-style, LABOUTIK supports independent international designers and favoured labels with high design value, providing only the best quality on a wide range of carefully selected products such as clothing, jewellery, footwear and accessories. 
Committed to a “fashion forward” thinking, LaBoutik also shares and supports the vision of eco-conscious designers that create unique pieces with first-class natural and renewable materials, contributing to the development of a sustainable fashion future. 
With a strong sense of style and an eye for talent, LABOUTIK is the ultimate destination for avant-garde fashion.