Seoul-born visual artist, fashion designer, rapper and beauty icon MLMA (@melovemealot) - a name inspired by Lost in Translation - is on top of the rawness and edge. 

Using Instagram as a visual gallery in which she is the art itself, MLMA has created a digitally-altered identity like no other. Her distinct style mixes the post-human with the cyborg aesthetics, constructing fantastical scenarios and serving wildly imaginative worlds habited by twin versions of herself that you won’t be able to forget.



"The most beautiful thing to me is confidence. Female or male, I really relate to people best when they’re honest and genuine. The most important thing is to love yourself. I love myself so much. It’s allowed me to create the best version of myself. I enjoy being confident and powerful.”


MLMA has managed to escape from the harsh reality to her weird, funny and mind-blowing everyday utopia, an introspection into the deepest recesses of her imagination. Her palpable artistic talent is also an inspiration for young people to put Instagram in productive and enriching use.



"I just enjoy making strange things. Art is my life, it’s literally the only reason why I’m still breathing today. It’s getting more difficult to find something unique now but I have the ability to make new things no one has ever seen before."


She also develops her talent in music, far from seriousness and overproduction, is something that she does just because is another form of art that makes her happy. Me Love Me A Lot is a unique character in his kind, ahead of worldly time, misunderstood by industry, praised by many.



As a multifaceted innovator transforming the mundane into something insane, MLMA also shows a great interest in make-up. The eponymous alt-girl went viral for posting an image of herself with wavy brows, subsequently giving birth to a whole new beauty trend - to the point even Snapchat added a filter.

In addition, when she’s not cooking up an Instagram storm with her latest edit, MLMA is a designer at the Korean thriving streetwear label SKOOT.



MLMA’s Insta feed also serves as a kind of lookbook for fashion forwardness. In the past, she has cited Marilyn Manson as one of her many personal style icons, and it’s easy to see why; she radiates the same ballsy energy that made Manson such a visual spectacle during the height of his career. 




In an online culture that loves to romanticize self-esteem and engage in acts of destruction of each other by a little extra influence on social media, MLMA - as an Internet trend in one fell swoop - has developed a parallel fantasy reality, enhanced by an ultra cool personality who pursues freedom and who seeks to convey premium capacities such as self-esteem and the courage enough to break down majestic barriers.

June 19, 2019 by La Boutik


Gauntlett Cheng began as a loose conversation in the back of a taxi. Today, it has become a legacy in the hands of designers Esther Gauntlett and Jenny Cheng, a duo that constantly surprises the audience with its clearly rough but slightly effeminate aesthetics. The brand is a remarkable and fresh appreciation of two distant but harmonious sources, the fierce and unscrupulous and the sexy and delicate. Gauntlett Cheng makes fashion without apologies, creating an extraordinary niche in the New York fashion scene.




Gauntlett’s interests lie in the actual production of the clothes, while Cheng is resident textiles expert. The brand’s handmade quality stands in stark contrast to the slick offerings of other designers, and that’s exactly the point. After days in the corporate world, they head to their Williamsburg studio - the same workshop where they met working as interns for Eckhaus Latta - to keep creating together in their own basis, focusing on what they’re really passionate about.


“Our clothes tend to reflect fairly honestly our environment and our immediate realities”


The American design duo creates powerful and slightly fetishistic clothing, always starring a deeply contemplative palette of colours. Gauntlett Cheng is a brand that also has a remarkable way of bridging the extremes while feeling cohesive, attracting celebrity provocateurs such as Rihanna or Beyoncé.




Gauntlett Cheng is a company in continuous development. New York does not offer much institutional support to young fashion designers so they are adapting to a more sustainable model, no seasons, a big show every September, keeping the spirit alive. 


“We really wanted to make decisions that would preserve the brand, that would preserve our mental health. We really want this brand to exist forever."


Gauntlett Cheng is undergoing a constant metamorphosis. They specialize in textured and touchable clothing that joyfully shows the body with, as Cheng said, “sexy energy”. Both designers like to add an extra magic touch to their ideas, collaborating with artists such as Jared Madere, who decorated selected pieces from Gauntlett Cheng SS19 collection.




Many designers have problems to present a particular vision without losing the seal or the essence, but through the juxtaposition of styles -between conservative and modern- Gauntlett Cheng constantly sends A+ pieces to the catwalk, which literally and metaphorically - presented by a very generous casting- are the representation of diversity, freedom and counter-power.

Gauntlett Cheng is a brand that pushes the boundaries shaping the fluid gender landscape driven by the New York underground fashion community. A label elevating the evidence of diversity, achieving comfort with one's shape, giving seduction a little twist, mastering one of the things that seem to be the most difficult to keep in balance: how to be just the right amount of sexy while cutting edge.



If anything distinguishes LaBoutik it is the constant support of innovative and distinctly powerful brands that not only have a high design value but also have the strength and vision to represent the best of today's socio-cultural movement.

Enjoy our selected products from the noteworthy brand and don't miss Gauntlett Cheng's upcoming collection, soon available for purchase both in-store and on our website.



Kylie Jenner releases a lip gloss, and people buy it. Michael Jordan puts out a new sneaker, and people buy it. Oprah promotes a weight loss program and folks jump on board. An emerging talent sets up a business and usually, they find themselves trapped in a path of thorns. 

On the celebrity side, many of these "elite members" simply take advantage of their reputation to create more profit. However, Kanye West is one of the few using his power to improve, to contribute and to evolve.

If there's one thing we can't deny, it's that Kanye West is a phenomenon for our generation. Is an icon of culture; in fashion, in music and probably in 2020 politicsLike it or not, he is at the intersection of a long list of cultural elements that have positioned him today, as one of the most unconventional celebrities of all time.



West is a prominent figure in the world of streetwear thanks to his brand Yeezy - the ready-to-wear brand made in association with Adidas - but in spite of the recognition he receives, Kanye West doesn't agree with the modus operandi of the current fashion system, even though his name appears again and again linked to some of the most important brands in the world - either as a collaborator or simply as a reclamation in the front-row of fashion weeks - West perfectly knows how difficult it is to prosper in the fashion world and is determined to change it.


"In the film Wreck-It Ralph, Vanellope's character gets into his own car and all the professionals get into it and break it so that it can't compete. That's how he treats me in the fashion world. Basically, it's up to me to use every penny I have and allow my employees to overcharge me. That moment of the film is like the one I experienced when, after having a fashion show, I published a tweet saying that I had a debt of 53 million dollars."




"People think I'm a rich kid with a hobby, very few know that I have a doctorate in art, it's actually an honorary doctorate from the Art Institute of Chicago. It's not that it makes any difference, but it serves to shut the mouths of those who criticize me."



Kanye West has talked about the barriers and lack of help that make thousands of creative minds emerging from the fashion world (especially in the case of racialized people) go to waste.

Recently, the artist - unique in his kind - has launched an incubator project to help emerging designers that will provide financial support for their projects, as well as personalized advice from Kanye himself, resources shared with Yeezy and support for other disciplines of design.



The first grant from Kanye West's new incubator will go to Maisie Schloss - from Chicago -  who graduated from Parsons and worked at Yeezy as a women's fashion designer. As she told Vogue magazine, she started working at the firm as an assistant, but the creative atmosphere in her offices allowed her to add her input to many ideas, which in turn helped open the way that has culminated in the creation of her own brand, Maisie Wilen.


With lots of prints, bright colours and risky but very wearable shapes, Schloss will present her brand this month at a prestigious event in Los Angeles, just before presenting it in Paris to the general public. She is the immediate fruit of Kanye West's creative incubator.




"What is my definition of success? For me, money is not. Inspiring people is a definition of success."




At LaBoutik, there is a soft spot in our hearts for homegrown start-ups and for designers who insist on using only the best quality products to bring their creations from a simple sketch or initial design all the way up through a finished product.

We know what it means to start from the bottom, we know what it means to build a business with years of hard work, time, setbacks and successes. That's why we believe that Kanye West's initiative to support emerging and independent companies and designers - elevating the original, enriching the fashion scene, motivating many entrepreneurial spirits and dreamers around the world - is a big step to rescue the fundamental values to create transcendence, which today, are shipwrecking towards the trivial. 


June 11, 2019 by La Boutik


Virtual reality is playing a key role in shaping the future of the fashion industry, entering unexpected areas in extremely creative ways. Virtual reality is a technology that is developed in the digital world, where everything is possible, where we have access to a dimension that can change forever the way fashion is perceived.

According to a study by IDTechEx, the wearable technology market today amounts to 30 billion dollars and growth forecasts are very encouraging, reaching even more than 150 billion by 2026.

Virtual reality not only seeks to provide a more entertaining and innovative experience but also to reinforce the brand value and consumer relationships through more experimental and immersive contact.



Initiatives such as VR Fashion Week have already been taken, consisting of a weeklong opportunity for brands to interact with their core audience and consumers as a whole. The only requirement is that the designer's proposals have to involve somehow, a virtual or augmented reality resource.

Some brands such as Nike, Converse, Burberry, Dior, Adidas, Tommy Hilfiger or Gucci, have already experimented with virtual reality. Not only for the customers but also for the designers, virtual reality is a technology that can develop in a completely new and unexplored way, elevating creativity to its maximum exponent.




Today we live in the age of technology and adaptation to change is synonymous with survival. One of the first applications that come to mind when we think about the combination of virtual reality and fashion - and that consumers tend to be interested in - is the virtual fitting room.

Whether at home or in a store, the idea is to select a garment virtually and looking at a mirror, without having to try the clothes on - since an avatar with our measurements or the spitting image of ourselves will do it for us - see how the garment fits. 

In this case - in addition to being a completely new and engaging experience for the consumer - is a tool that would undoubtedly be very useful to provide a more efficient purchase process and more interactive shopping experience. It could even be combined with other features such as the virtual matching of different pieces.  



Fashion has always been a social experience and technology cannot and should not ignore it. In the nearest future, we could be able to reproduce a physical store located anywhere in the world, transfer it to virtual reality and allow anyone to visit it and directly access its items.

If technology advances and predictions are fulfilled, we'd find ourselves shopping with a friend - despite his geographic location - in Tokyo, Milan or Paris, which not only on a consumer level but also on a business level, opens the doors to infinite possibilities.

The physical store will not die but the technologic evolution will force it to reinvent itself. 



Referring to fashion shows, virtual reality technology can be used to share the experience beyond its physical limits.  Adding a layer of "virtuality" will give a new twist to fashion weeks, allowing us to go much further, directly to the front row, where we can experience exclusive backstage moments, see the garments in motion, appreciate the details of fabrics, enjoy the entire collections in their original staging.

That the nearest future would be invaded by virtual reality is an idea that doesn't sound like science fiction if we consider that, in less than 16 years, mobile phones have become a work tool, a camera, an assistant, a map, a television; in short: essential devices to survive modern life. 



The VR sector lives in a state of aspiration and exclusivity, facing the challenge of transforming the fashion industry, raising it to the tops of reinvention, seducing and surprising us. After all, virtual or not, hasn't fashion always been a vehicle to freely recreate reality?

June 05, 2019 by La Boutik





Samuel Ross is emptying the traditional rules of luxury, replacing them with the ones that speak the language of our times. His brand, A COLD WALL is rather a dialogue between the product and the consumer that evolves over time. It is a discourse that rethinks the fashion business and serves to change the future.

As the designer recently announced, his next show will have open doors, building a bridge to the evolution of the textile industry so that the democratization, perhaps utopian, of the product can begin to become effective. A simple but powerful idea that will give those who love design and fashion, but cannot afford or are far from approaching this coveted world, accessibility to something that only happened in their imagination.

In addition, Ross has revealed that he will build the upcoming collection set design with sustainable materials, with the aim of raising awareness - for the most part - to all those 16-year-olds who will not go to school to attend - or at least try - the A COLD WALL parade, ensuring the conquest in social networks that will help the brand and its objectives be exposed to a level less explored by members of the fashion world.

“Fashion traditionally has talked down to consumers, so by opening up to the public, I’ll be chipping away at the perspective of how luxury fashion should operate"



There was a time when at the top of fashion was haute couture, at the centre were the big brands, and at the base was an enormous number of distributors of clothing for the masses. But this is no longer the case today.

The culture of subcultures has moved from the background to the centre of the world scene, and any designer who has understood it right now is the one who sets the rules. Samuel Ross has listened to the street, making a considerable niche in the industry, becoming one of the ambassadors of streetwear in the world.

The Internet boom has caused all major brands to reconsider their modus operandi, selling through e-commerce - such as Prada as a team with Highsnobiety - or mixing haute couture with popular fashion, such as Adidas integrating Yohji Yamamoto or Nike working along with Samuel Ross himself, who has revealed that  will use Nike Flyleather in his designs for sneakers to move forward, adding that he is eager to continue working with sustainable materials and also hopes to incorporate green elements into his scenery.




Since he began his career at age 25 - after selling counterfeits in his neighbourhood, hungry for consumerism and far from being the prototype of an artist leaving the centre of Saint Martins - in just four years, Ross has made a name for himself as a figure to watch on the international fashion scene, winning a British Fashion Council Fashion Award for the Emerging Male Apparel Designer in 2018, and earning a nomination for the LVMH and ANDAM awards of the same year. The brand has become a resounding success and counts with stock in notable platforms such as Ssense, Barneys New York or Dover Street Market. 

Samuel's work fluctuates between architecture, design and fashion. It is inspired by the working class from which it comes to develop its designs, the parades are performances and the garments are weapons loaded with a communicative sense for those who consume them.



Today, very few people still think that traditional marketing alone is capable of influencing consumers' purchasing decisions. They want to know what is behind a brand, what it can offer them in exchange for their money, how they can be part of the vision, what they can rely on. 

Luxury is no longer an outright arms race of skill between brands like Hermès, Louis Vuitton and Chanel - although authenticity and tradition still have much prestige for the world's luxury consumers - today, luxury has no law. Luxury is rebellion. Luxury is freedom.



Ross is aware of his power and responsibility as a cultural leader and does not hesitate to use fashion as a tool so that the ambitious and aspirational generation that reigns today develops under the guidelines of a message that goes in the direction of a transparent future where consciousness plays a key role in the history of our time.


  “There is further insight beyond the immediacy of just the clothes” 







As a powerful reminder that versatility welcomes all ages, races, sexualities and measures, BARRAGÁN gives life to a humorous reinterpretation of reality - sometimes too narrow and old-fashioned - avoiding all those established closures, creating a world of freedom of expression in which style and originality are the guests of honour.

BARRAGÁN - founded in 2014 as an experimental underground fashion label by the Mexican designer Víctor Barragán, who although does not possess any fashion background, endows an entrepreneurial and passionate spirit - decontextualizes and makes us wonder if what "should be" is adequately stipulated for a world that seeks to be free of prejudice. 


BARRAGÁN was born as a digital brand. First, it was called Ytinifninfinity and had no temporariness; the garments were being launched and adapted to the needs of their consumers - most of whom were in Asia. It was focused in designing ironic t-shirts that incorporated nostalgic references to pop cultures, such as Leonardo DiCaprio crying tears made of MS-DOS folders or a t-shirt spelling L.E.S.B.I.A.N using the logo of Friends.

When Victor decided to move to New York, the project changed its name and began to be formalized, always under a banner of experimentation, without placing barriers or limits on what - according to what society has established - can and cannot be done.



With YtinifninfinitY, Victor Barragán started to build a firm platform on Facebook, Tumblr and Instagram, which as reported by the designer, has been something key for BARRAGÁN success. Today, the brand is considered a fixed name in NY's fashion agenda.

Wild aesthetics, tribal motifs, references to low-calibre pop culture moments and the incorporation of accessories made of organic elements - such as a stone handbag - are some of the recurring resources of the brand, which has become the favourite of anyone who prefers to be interesting and ugly rather than beautiful and easy to forget. 


“Add Barragán to the list of next-generation brands bored of society’s obsession with labels and phobias, proudly and sexually asserting power through mixing men’s, women’s and unisex."



His pieces, made in Mexico, mix classic men's and women's items to create new garments that can be worn by both sexes, giving a twist to fashion trends. 

For BARRAGÁN - that has collaborated with other artists such as Maryam Nassir Zadeh, Rombaut and the Mexico based brand, Ready To Die - the term “commercial” equates to the gag of creative freedom and artistic expression.



Víctor Barragán denies the disappearance of naturalness, protests against the undervaluation of the original, changes the strict rules regarding the canons of beauty for a wide and diverse range of possibilities.

In fashion, there are no barriers, everything is allowed, it's a way to talk openly about whatever is wanted. BARRAGÁN transforms into garments all those sensations that are born from the freedom of the body, the unique being, without prejudices, manifesting the beautiful by nature.

At LABOUTIK, we proudly support and want to share the philosophy and mentality behind BARRAGÁN, as we believe it is an important message of awareness and evolution. Take a look at the BARRAGÁN products we have exclusively selected on our website and discover what this one-of-a-kind brand has to offer.


May 28, 2019 by La Boutik




A good DJ can easily find themselves as a party’s centre of attention, so with all of those eyes on you, why not use it to make a statement?

Honey Dijon - a vocal advocate for trans rights and awareness, speaking from her experience as a black trans woman DJ - was born in Chicago, where she started her love story with music after hearing the soul and r&b that his father used to play in the basement of his house.

In a short time she was obsessively buying her own music in established stores in Chicago such as Imports Etc and Gramaphone, while perfecting her own personal style - eminent for crossing musical genres - that led her to play in envied booths such as Panorama Bar, Harry Klein, Sub Club, Output, Sankeys, Ushuaia or Smart Bar, among others around the globe.

As for her discography, she has appeared on labels such as Classic, the mythical label of another of his references, Derrick Carter, as well as on Rampage and Nervous Records.



Miss Honey Dijon moved to New York City in the late '90s when the scene in Chicago began to change after a synthetic hangover from the '80s. Launching her character and unleashing her unstoppable spirit, Honey Dijon - powered by a borderless intuition -  became a mainstay of the city’s underground club scene as well as the city’s fashion industry.

Honey Dijon is a social reference, its goal is to transmit all musical knowledge and creative energy to queer people, coloured and marginalized from society to make them visible. Identity, freedom and self-actualization, reflect their inspiration from taking over worldwide known clubs, also called free zones where we can all become our most intimate aspiration. 

Underlying the complexity of getting far in the world of DJs and electronic music being a woman and even more so being transgender, Honey Dijon - known today as one of the most outstanding referents of contemporary electronic music - has climbed to the top in the world of music and now, has just opened the big door to fashion. 





Comme des Garçons -  which has turned upside down any type of convention about the canons of gender and beauty in the fashion industry - has confirmed that it is working on a collection with cult DJ Honey Dijon. The brand's first collection will be launched this summer under the name Honey Fucking Dijon and is set to be a line of DJ bags and t-shirts.


“As a trans woman of colour I’d never imagined that this would be possible. Thank you for allowing me to represent my culture, community, and love of house music. I am truly honoured 





Honey Dijon - that has been DJing for as long as she can remember - frequently appears playing at after parties for Burberry, Prozena Schouler, DVF, and Prabal Gurung and even when the masterminds behind the turntables at runways and events don’t always get the recognition they deserve, Dijon has managed to make a name for herself by working with some of the icons of the fashion industry.

For the past seven years, the DJ has been doing the tracks for Kim Jones’ Louis Vuitton menswear shows and has continued her journey with the designer during his reassignment at Dior. She maintains a close friendship with Riccardo Tisci, Naomi Campbell and has worked alongside fashion photographer Steven Meisel on a Prada campaign.


 “When I was very young fashion offered me a world that was different from where I came from” 



We are in the golden age of iconic women who launch brands, pushing for progress. Honey - as a militant of the LGBT community that counteracts gender restrictions and traditional sexual identities - had always been looking for new ways to unearth the unknown, particularly through her love of art, fashion and photography.

We can't wait to see what the union of the emblematic brand Comme des Garçons and the favourite DJ of fashion, Honey Dijon - an expert in crossing cultural borders - will bring us.



Stay tuned!

May 24, 2019 by La Boutik


Since Calvin Klein was born as a brand (more than 50 years ago), one of its main objectives has been to provoke and challenge the status quo, the ordinary, the normal. The brand has always created memorable advertising campaigns, with messages that invite to create a conversation about social issues that include all of us.



Trying to impress people is a massive sin in 2.0. The adoption of certain habits, gestures and attitudes that seek to provide a good image of us, in order to demonstrate to others that we are happy even if we are not or we are not convinced of it, is the attempt to play a role in our lives that does not belong to us, and that is propitiated by the lack of self-esteem.


Calvin Klein - which began as a brand of coats and dresses in New York and ended up becoming one of the largest empires in the fashion industry - and his new campaign I SPEAK MY TRUTH IN #MYCALVINS - produced by Iconoclast -  focuses expressly on the need for social approval, making an emergency call for authenticity, aiming to capture the essence of individuality and expression of the artists and models involved, encouraging others to do the same.


I SPEAK MY TRUTH IN #MYCALVINS, presents today's most influential voices telling their own stories, in their own words - featuring Shawn Mendes, Billie Eilish, A$AP Rocky, Indya Moore, Bella Hadid, Lil Miquela, Chika, Noah Centineo, Troye Sivan, Kendall Jenner, Kevin Abstract and Yoo Ah-in.



The young and talented German visual artist Jonas Lindstroem - who developed an expressive, experimental, minimalist and often conceptual personal style that quickly led him to be commissioned by labels such as Louis Vuitton, Hermès, Yves Saint Laurent, Fendi, 032c and Nike (among others) - has successfully directed the refreshing campaign. Alongside Mario Sorrenti - in charge of photography - both have successfully completed through aesthetically pleasing and powerful images, Calvin Klein's mission to underline the importance of self-love and naturalness.




I Speak My Truth in #MyCalvins promotes freedom of expression, without filters and without fear. The goal is to spread that we can be real, that we should show ourselves as we really are, lower our guard, celebrate vulnerability.

May 21, 2019 by La Boutik


HELIOT EMIL - created by the brothers Julius Juul and Victor Juul, from Copenhagen and launched in 2007 under their great grandfather's name - it's drawn by the underground techno scene, industrial and brutalist constructions and process art in the conceptual-thinking sense. Representing the joy of technique and aesthetics, HELIOT EMIL is potentially one of the must-know labels of today.



With retrofuturistic themes and militaristic designs, the contemporary brand - as the result of a pleasing conversion of ideas between two brothers who trust each other blindly - lacks in age, making it up for with a mature design narrative.

HELIOT EMIL - that showcased their first collection in Milan during the Spring/Summer 17 season - source various fabrics around the world and combine these with Japanese manufactured, custom trimmings to realize each collection. The final garment production takes place in Italy, France and Portugal.

With high attention to detail, the duo has been building the brand and keeping the growth healthy and sustainable, maintaining their design process distinctly forward-thinking.






An aesthetic that merges form and function with lush and tech-forward fabrics have made the two brothers found support from Kendrick Lamar, A$AP Rocky, Justin Bieber, Yung Thug, 2 Chainz, Future, Playboi Carti, Miguel and even found their way into the Korean girl group BLACKPINK‘s wardrobe.


The reception of Heliot Emil in Asia is very remarkable and they are stocked in some of the best retailers throughout Europe. The two brothers also started to develop their own fabrics; giving new depth to the design process.





Steely cool monochrome palettes, industrial materials, military and sportswear elements with an emphasis on handmade buckles, straps, zippers and lock carabiners are some of the resources the brothers display at their collections. Playing on asymmetry, cutouts and heat-sensitive thermal expanded fabrics fulfil the label’s design repertoire.




Showcasing a range of aesthetic sensibilities that seek to channel the underground cultural landscape of their Copenhagen origins, the unisex brand has become a fervent force in the current fashion landscape.

In LaBoutik, we admire the dedication of both designers, who as representatives of hard work, passion and entrepreneurship, have defined an aesthetic both minimalist and full of details, catching the eye of all design lovers.

HELIOT EMIL AW19 collection will be soon available for purchase on our website and in-store.

Don't miss it! 




May 19, 2019 by La Boutik




Maintaining change in a balanced environment, in which the exploitation of resources, the direction of investments, the orientation of technological development and institutional change are in harmony and increase the current and future potential to meet human needs and aspirations, is one of the main challenges of our time.

In Bali, the Potato Head Beach Club, known as one of Seminyak's most popular chill-out locations for his multi-cultural blend of gastronomy, libations and entertainment which imbues music, art and fashion at the same time - is advancing sustainably in the mission of providing once in a lifetime experiences while doing good in the world.




From the 17th till the 23rd of May, PHBC - which counts with artistic installations made from ocean plastic and hosts Indonesia's first residue-free restaurant - will be the official tropical playground for local an international creatives, studios and avant-garde brands for taking one more step toward a better future.

Taking a remarkable initiative for a better world, PHBC has come up with the Future Design Week a week-long festival that will showcase a series of exhibitions, installations, talks and workshops, based on how design can be important as a vehicle for social change.





Highlights of the inaugural event's programme's line-up include London-based furniture and fashion designer Faye Toogood, IKEA's sustainable research lab SPACE10, as well as Potato Head's Creative Director Dan Mitchell.

The Future Design Week will also hold workshops with The Shelter Project, Max Lamb, BYO Living, Sustainism LAB, Green School Bali and Eco Mantra.

The event is free to attend and will hold an unmissable closing party where Louis Vuitton Art Director and Off-White Designer Virgil Abloh will star a special DJ set alongside skater-turned-designer Alex Olson.



Full of revolutionary, innovative and ground-breaking design, Future Design Week will embrace sustainable development. The Potato Head family wish to inspire and educate as many people as possible through their initiative, looking to make not only a statement but an actual difference when it comes to the environment and the way we approach the future. 

May 17, 2019 by La Boutik