Is there something Henrick Vibskov can't do? To describe one of the most outstanding artists of our time simply as a fashion designer would be an understatement. As a passionate musician, an innovative scenographer, a dedicated writer and an exceptional designer who has not stopped venturing into the artistic field, Henrik Vibskov is definitely, at the forefront of the multi-faceted creatives generation. 



The 46-year-old eponymous artist went from his quiet childhood in the Danish countryside of Jutland, to covering the pages of style and cultural magazines around the world right after he entered the fashion industry in 2001, when he graduated from the internationally renowned Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London.

For Henrik, inspiration comes from anywhere. Asia, an old picture, a wooden children’s game or simply a feeling or a certain vibe. He likes to pair contrasting universes, looking at strange combinations and transitions that are perhaps unlike. 



His work is considered part of the "New Nordic Movement", a term to describe 21st-century design known for its practical and innovative shapes and minimalist aesthetic. Yet, this is not the case of Henrik Vibskov who over the past 16 years,  stands out from other Scandinavian designers opting against minimalistic black and white pieces in favour of large geometrical shapes, bright colours, contemporary forms and outstanding fabrics. 



To expand his creativity, his collections are always presented to the fashion world in a theatrical way through shows and installations that transform onto the catwalk, expressing his personal view towards the world and social issues.  



Since the beginning of his career, he has produced over 30 men's - and later also women´s - collections, participated in numerous festivals, contest and talks such as London Design Week, Danish Pavilion at Salone del Mobile Milan and Art Basel Miami, and exhibit in many museums and galleries around the world, including the MoMA in Los Angels, Sotheby's gallery in New York, the Palais de Tokyo in Paris and the ICA in London. 


"I never believe that something is impossible, I am always trying to find a way to make things possible. Even the most complicated things can happen in the end. I believe that you should always try to make a change every time you get a chance."



As if it wasn't enough, Henrik Vibskov - also an exemplary family father - impressively manages to explore the enriching world of cinema. His short film The Monk was selected to win the Beck's Future Prize 2000 in the UK.

He has published four books, including a monograph of his work to date ("Gestalten") and also keeps himself occupied being a drummer with his own project Mountain Yorokobu.

As an understander of hard work and what it means to climb steps in the fashion and art scene, Henrik Vibskov's - driven by a desire to give back and nurture creative talent - set up the Practical Intelligent Geniusis foundation, supported by donations given in exchange for his personal contribution to educational programs and cultural activities. 



Henrik Vibskov's successful career is even overwhelming. He has efficiently developed an incredible ability to fuse concept and staging, space and object, art and life, becoming an endless source of inspiration for anyone in the creative field.

His deeply personal view of his intricate and suggestive worlds perfectly captures their instinctive importance and relevance to the present and future of art and fashion.