Why can't an object as common and accessible as a camera be an object of admiration? Why does the normality of everyday life, the common and relatively banal, go unnoticed, when it could be a great cause for reflection? 

Based on a postmodern vernacular, this project is a pastiche of art historical moments, including pop and classical art. The young and upcoming artist behind these compositions, Miao - fascinated by visual arts, sculpture and installation - turns triviality into a subject worthy of aesthetic and monumental treatment.

With a total of two limited and exclusive models - "The Dislocated World" and "Remains" - his art is based on common objects, seeking to examine the artistic possibilities of the accesible and often overlooked. In this case, he refers to objects that have lost their original meaning to gain a new one after being accumulated, destroyed or recomposed.



For you to now be uploading images to Instagram from your cell phone we have had to go a very long way, the history of photography is much denser than it may seem. Photography began to be used to illustrate events from the second half of the 19th century, until it was configured in such a way that it could be an object that most people could have at home.

The "Remains" series is a reflection on the impact of globalization on science, technology and culture in modern society. These artifacts, made of ceramic, are intended to exalt the living environment of contemporary society, the integration of Eastern and Western cultures, the era of commodity economy and the unprecedented demand of human beings for constant development.




Miao encourages us to stop our world for a moment, and appreciate it, to breathe its essence beyond the objects, the delicacy and fragility of these in life. A reflection that leads us to appreciate in more depth the inventions that surround us on a daily basis, mitigating in the heart of the world beyond the material. 

Exclusively available at LABOUTIK.