Mats Roumbaut is a Belgian designer based in Paris who worked alongside renowned designers such as Lanvin and Damir Doma before directing his successful solo career towards what is now an innovative and aesthetically unique project.

Rombaut's draws inspiration from natural processes, biotech, art, and music. By proposing strong aesthetics in every way and humanist values, Rombaut aims to provide a way forward for a world in need of change - a progressive concept for a more equitable future. His work is oriented to a conscious and intellectual consumer, educated in something more than the latest fashion trends.



The underlying vision is of an ecological way of life through stark, exposed designs where materials play a fundamental part, both in style and in philosophy. All materials and fabrics are sustainably engineered -there are no toxic or animal-derived substances involved. Instead, Rombaut develops plant-based materials and is determined to protect biodiversity in our environment. 

Rombaut's designs are not only ideas but also reflect the young designer's attitude towards life.  The mastery with which he has applied his vision in the fashion industry, achieving a perfect balance between innovation, beauty and respect for the environment, makes us not surprised that Bella Hadid named it her favourite brand of shoes.




The materials and workmanship that the designer demands of himself are of exquisite quality, so the creation process that Rombaut maintains is a "slow fashion" system, which not only provides maximum quality, but also allows the designer to have time for other clients such as Hugo Boss - a firm for whom he designed a sneaker that formed part of the Autumn/Winter 2019 collection - making it possible for him to spread a message that everyone should listen to.




Achieving this type of materials and manipulating them to turn them into something attractive is not easy and even Rombaut himself realized it. Facing the issue, he created a viral line of slippers entitled "Ugly Shoes" that became viral in social media and appeared among the list of "Our Favourite Ugliest Brands of Shoes" curated by Vogue.

Rombaut is contemporary, is a new form of rebellion that gathers all the qualities many brands aim at having: personality, avant-garde, success and, above all, awareness.


Mats Rombaut wanted to bring something to the fashion industry in an innovative and forward-looking way. Rombaut's eagerness to help change the fashion industry without compromising our planet's resources, working with alternative materials, ethically, making a statement, shows that things can be done differently.


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