FOCUS: Linder




Launched in New York City in 2013, Linder is a ready-to-wear brand that reflects the magical conversion of juxtaposed ideas between Co-Creative Directors and Designers, Sam Linder and Kirk Millar.

The label started after an unlikely friendship was formed when the two met by chance back in 2012. In the years since they have created a partnership, and a process, that is both unconventional and dynamic. 

With different artistic formations - Sam, in art and photography, and Kirk, in fashion - the designers have turned Linder into a powerfully eccentric creative process in which a clear devotion to what is considered repulsive and taboo is appreciated, bringing out the beauty of the grotesque.




Thinking about an individual person and how they want to relate to the brand, Linder - that is inclined towards the crude and the masculine - and Millar - who favours glamour and romanticism - let that be the light that guides their creations, which has the dark and the avant-garde as the common starting point.

The duo started in experimental menswear, launching the collection at New York Fashion Week: Men’s January 2016. Since then, Linder has shown their collection on the runway and felt a natural pull to expand into women’s.

Now under a new approach, they have divided creative directing responsibilities, debuting their fall-winter 2018 collections with Linder in charge of women’s, and Millar at the head of menswear.


"There’s no desire to force any kind of identification. We both feel masculine and feminine energies. We don’t want to erase the difference between those, but rather combine them in unexpected ways. No one is purely masculine or feminine. It’s just not how we’re made. I would be extremely bored and depressed if clothing evolved into a genderless norm and that polarity was erased." Sam Linder.





Placing value on something others would push aside, Linder challenges notions of the traditional, changing the lines of gender cross-pollination and challenging the normal scruples of the genre.

In a constant search for the new and the unknown, the brand has been especially well received in Asia, where the market is more than willing to accept an adventurous design perspective. Their mentality is not based on 'wait and see', but on 'that's interesting, let's try it", they value novelty and Linder is the living image of the unexpected.



Fruit of the creativity of their timeless designs, which refer to different eras of fashion, while remaining unique in the identity of the brand, Linder represents the most stylish of risks and leads a radical era of expressionism that unleashes creativity in its purest and most authentic form.

Now, more than ever, fashion is still the voice of people who want to express their true identity of acceptance and freedom to be who they are. Androgyny remains the name of the game in today's fashion world, where issues of gender identity and human rights go hand in hand and Linder, delivers this message with a powerful vision that we personally love and are happy to share. 


The upcoming collection soon at La Boutik.