Culture is no longer a top-down process: the new paradigm of Internet content platforms has changed the way we establish trends and communities.

Giant platforms seek profits by commodifying our attention and emotions into information gains while isolating and alienating users into addictive and compulsive habits around "buzzing" content.

In recent years, things like the culture of influencers and new perspectives in advertising, have made the online sphere increasingly linked to monetization which, in turn, has fostered a level of dishonesty and inauthenticity.

The good news? It is finally changing.



Imagine a social network driven entirely by aesthetics - no ads, no sponsored messages, no data sold to faceless conglomerates, and no censorship (yes, we are looking at you, Instagram). Sounds too good to be true in this post-capitalist society, doesn't it? 

French net-artist Vector Newman has created NEW LIFE AI, a decentralised application that strictly focuses on innovative content. A place for creators to share the same preferences and values as so many others. Vector has anticipated this inevitable mutation and created what the world - despite blindly play the game of followers and likes - really wants, what the world really needs. It's Newman's way to put to good use what the Internet has to offer.



Supported by a network of Internet pioneers such as Johwska, Inés Alpha, Allan Berger and Virgin Mary - NEW LIFE AI works with a virtual currency called New Coin, which represents the value of creativity, curatorship and the influence and rewards of members who contribute to the community by uploading, voting and promoting the platform.

The more interaction you make, the more Newcoins you will have and the more features you will be able to access within the application, which is structured as an eight-level video game so that it is also entertaining. The amount of New Coins also influences your weight in the cultural ecosystem, which will be greater the more you have.



 "We want to create the kind of value that is not tangible, not recognized by the economy. There is no boss, no executives. As the founder, I'm federating people but eventually, I want this project to be owned and driven by the community"





The Internet has become a global aesthetics laboratory where everyone can democratically participate in the definition of beauty. Creative disciplines such as fashion, arts and music are constantly being modified and altered, evolving, which is wonderful, as long as it is forward.

Born out of frustration at a society that seems to be recreating Idiocracy, New Life AI - with an aesthetic inspired by Blade Runner and cyborg culture - finally gathers in one place all those creatives who reject the Instagram system and are attracted to the same canon of beauty. 



With the birth of NEW LIFE AI, art connects between users to establish consensus without limitations or creative prohibitions. This new reality, which breaks with established parameters that measure social influence, unites decentralized collectives worldwide that now have the capacity to project their ideas and shape a new digital culture in which quality is finally valued over quantity.