The fashion industry has never been so inclined to make clothes suitable for the digital age as it is now, even fashion industry executives are being hired by technology companies (specifically, the former director of Burberry, Angela Ahrendts or Paul Deneuve, former CEO of Yves Saint, who were signed by Apple), opening up a whole range of possibilities in the field of usable technology.

Clothes and accessories with LED lighting, electronic dyes, clothing that warns us of the risks of our pollution-heavy urban lifestyle, glasses with which to share, it is not science fiction, it is a new technological wave that transfers functionalities to clothes and accessories that do not cease to amaze us as they seem to be a vision of the future comparable to that of Walt Disney, in which things interact with humans.

For the most part, smart clothing makes it possible to monitor people’s health and enable them to achieve their sporting goals. Technology and the so-called “science of materials” have transformed not only the world of fashion, but also the world of health and sport.

Under Armour has been delivering innovation-driven apparel for 23 years, making athletes better by equipping them to perform at their best. This time, the American brand has team up with Palm Angel’s, founded by Francesco Ragazzi and best known for their iconic tracksuits, to design, while employing the signature streetwear aesthetic, a collection conceived for athletes and artists, as both are generally in motion

With this new capsule, Under Armour and Palm and Angels are providing their latest breakthrough responsive textiles. The technology works by way of a specially-crafted fabric created in partnership with Celliant, in which the garments takes your body heat and recycle it in the form of infrared energy, which helps in the recovery process. The collection, consisting of hooded sweatshirts, sweats, joggers, shorts, t-shirts and much more, goes on sale next April 12 in the United States and Canada, followed by a worldwide launch on April 19.



“Collaborating with Under Armour, I wanted to bring Palm Angels unique designs to Under Armour innovation [...] Like athletes, artists put pressure on their bodies when they travel the world. I wanted to tell the story of athletes and artists who are constantly on the road". 





Wearable” technology has not yet ignited the passions of the masses. Bands of brands like Nike may be eye-catching for exercise fans, but given the limited commercial success of some proposals, we should ask ourselves whether this trend is just a fad or has come to stay. 

Somehow, in an era where almost everything is disposable, the commercialization of usable technology could be a big benefit to the circular movement, as dispensing a basic t-shirt doesn’t have the same impact on consumer pockets as getting rid of one that monitors heart rate. So although many people argue about whether technology has benefited us or not, implementing high tech in fashion, could be a an ally of great evolution. Digital is part of the language every day now, the way we think, and the way we connect but after these developments, there are several unknowns about privacy problems, the user’s ability to handle so much information and the effect on personal relationships that the abundance of devices can have. So, is it tech fashion marketable at all? how far would quality and price go in this union? Would these inventions reach the market demand? And the most important; is it reliable?