Frederik Heyman, a young and visionary Belgian multidisciplinary artist who graduated from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp with a Master in Graphic and Illustrative Design and a Master in Photography, has exhibited is one of a kind work internationally and has build an exclusive data base that counts with notable clients such as Y/PROJECT, Iris Van Herpen, Gentle Monster, Dust Magazine, Dazed and Confused, Vogue Japan, Nowness, Nike and Kenzo.


But what makes him so special?





Using his art as a path of activist manifestation, Heyman exposes both social and political critiques without taboos and combines his illustrations, ideas and concepts in the most perfect way possible.

Placing him at the highest level of the creative graphics of the fashion world, his work, humorous and surrealistic, is impregnated with the desire to abolish the boundaries between photography, graphic design and the configuration of space. Through photogrammetric techniques and 3D scans to insert real-world subjects into staged digital scenes, Heyman introduces us to an unstructured and fascinating universe, where each element of each image is carefully designed and defined in advance.

Clearly from a new generation of photographers, his goal seems to be to encourage a new form of collaboration between the arts, decidedly modern and complex.



The reason why we want to dedicate a space in our blog to this one of a kind artist, is because of his remarkable and recent work with one of our favorite brands, ROMBAUT. This time the amazing Belgian artist has worked with the ROMBAUT team, who represent a cross between haute couture conceptual design and environmental responsibility, creating a series of 3D video portraits showing the designer Mats Rombaut and his team members (including his lovers) in intimate positions. Faithful to his style, Heyman creates a surreal dimension where nothing is left to chance with images that despite being commercial, remain strong.







Giving a different and unique perspective, Frederik Heyman overcomes each creative challenge, turning his work into something exciting, opening the doors to a balance between cryptic, slightly twisted and private things, keeping the aesthetically striking of his still photography as the key signature of his work.

We all know that a key part of the success of a brand or product has a lot to do with how it is presented, that is why we believe that the choice of working alongside an artist as exclusive and original as Heyamn, by Rombaut, recognized for its structural design qualities of contemporary architecture and the use of the best eco-materials, has been a definite success, worthy of capturing the attention of all those lovers of design and fashion.