FOCUS: Boris Bidjan Saberi

Boris Bidjan Saberi is one of the leaders in the avant-garde of contemporary menswear, considered as the heiress generation of great Japanese designers like Yohji Yamamoto and an essential date during the Paris Fashion Week.

Attracted by the Spanish way of life, Boris Bidjan produces his collections from a workshop located in Barcelona, a cosmopolitan city and the European mecca of skateboarding, notable influence on the young designer work.

Saberi launched his own menswear brand in 2007 and at the beginning of 2013, exalting his interests for the punk movement and the hip hop culture, the designer launched a second line aimed at a streetwear audience: “11”, an experimentation with graphical applications and thorough research in graphics and treatments.



His German roots reflected in the most pragmatic and minimalist aesthetics; and his Persian side which emerges in the special devotion to texture and details coexists on efficient designs where artisanal and natural are fused with high-tech fabrics, seeking functionality and standing up for quality.



While developing his own label, Saberi also collaborated with notable brands such as New Era, Solomon or Reebok, that placed reliance on the meticulous designer to create a limited edition model of the iconic Instapump Fury.

Bori Bidjan designs are dominated by dark tones that drive almost all the attention to the design of the clothes, although there is no lack of luminosity on his work as he also explores within an exquisite pallet of bright and vivid colours.


“I use a lot of blacks because it suits my skin and it fits me. All the changes you see in the collections is an evolution in creativity and living life happily and truly.”




Tireless seeker of new forms, Saberi manages to transport us to a futuristic millenary Japan and delights us with the Bedouin breeze of nomads of the desert. A vest that turns into a fanny pack, unbreakable buttons or waterproof long-lasting products is some of the ideas that the talented designer brought to life with the intention of covering day-life needs.

The message under the aim of functionality intends to criticize society behaviour as one of the many other moral concerns of the artist, making an approach that denounces the culture of “use and throw”.



If we consider the end of the era of technology and the return of the primitive where artisanal forms that this designer defends are a common process, as a possibility; wouldn’t it be a revolutionary movement today?

In a world in which fashion is being distorted and separated from art, approaching at a strategic speed towards numbers and masses, it is remarkable the involvement and commitment of the designer to offer quality and authenticity.

Boris Bidjan Saberi does not aim the commercial expansion. He doesn’t consider responding to higher demand, his priority is to maintain the singularity and excellence of his product, retaining the spirit of the brand intact.

At LABOUTIK, we share Boris Bidjan's vision and we are happy to support his goal of keeping fashion as something special, useful and with great design value. Soon available online and in our store, the 2020 collection.


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