Kiddy Smile, born Pierre Edouard Hanffou, is a French artist, producer and disc jockey particularly known for his promotion of the New York Voguing movement on the Parisian scene as well as his LGBT activism.  

Before working in music, Kiddy Smile was a fashion designer and also worked in events before launching himself as a DJ in Paris. His influences include black American music such as gospel and hip-hop, including Chicago and Detroit music of the 1990s, the voguing movement and the New York house music ballrooms.

Initially reluctant to be categorized, Kiddy Smile eventually adopted a culture in which his skin colour, love of fashion and homosexuality were fully accepted. His talent and extravagance made him known to the public and earned him the nickname of "the French prince of voguing".

In this super casual and easy going interview that takes place along Portobello Road, where LaBoutik is located, we found out Kiddy Smile is one of a kind charismatic stylish character driven by a passion and a great talent for music, developing hits such as Let A B!tch Know, Slap My Butt and Dickmatized, turned into the soundtrack of the film Climax, directed by the renowned film director, Gaspar Noé who did not hesitate to give a role in the film to the talented artist.

As the example of never giving up, of identity, of struggle, of integrity and humility,  all of it, part of the living image of kindness, Kiddy Smile answers a series of questions about lifestyle, music and fashion for ASERIES OFSPACES, curated by LaBoutik team.