As its literal meaning, INDICE STUDIO serves as a social commentary, guiding viewers to look beyond mere surface of things.
After his debut during Paris Fashion Week 2017, Hao Lee's unique approach to deconstructed streetwear mash-up with satirical visuals and vibrant color palette won him Lane Crawford Creative Call Out. The unique cultural structure of Taipei, where INDICE STUDIO is based, shapes Lee’s design at large. Growing up in a Chinese society that was colonized by Japan and now fueled by American capitalism, Lee’s design shows a balance of the three contrasting cultures.

Taiwanese label Indice Studio follows up on its playfully torn-apart Fall/Winter 2018 collection with another range of heavily-reworked gear. This drop, dubbed “Emotional Blackmail,” takes the deconstructionist mentality a step further, with half-and-half parkas, clashing stripe patterns and metallic Tyvek accents. Object-dyed tees and washed denim are juxtaposed with Italian suit fabric, resulting in jarring harrington jackets and raw-hemmed shirts, accompanied by comparatively low-key track pants and drawstring athletic shorts. The sportswear influence carries over into striped denim layers, bucket hats and anoraks, the latter of which offer layered sleeves made more distinct by adjustable straps and interrupted sides stripes. A selection of sling bags and rope-like belts suitably accent the collection’s adventurous styling.


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December 12, 2018 by La Boutik
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