Ludovic de Saint Sernin, a 29-year-old French designer, living and working between Paris and London, graduated in Fashion Design from l’ ESAA Duperré and was a member of the design team at Balmain before launching his label in 2017.

His third ever collection named “Summertime Sadness” was exposed in the forms of a presentation during Paris Fashion Week Men’s and meant to elicit a juvenile's melancholy when leaving a beautiful holiday with an unanswered crush.

Fashion is entering a new era, one which echoes seismic socio-political changes to concepts of gender and sexuality. The erotic, firm lineup of well-crafted genderless silhouettes was crafted of textiles found in Japan. Each look voices to its vision; living textiles composing each willowy shape grasp the model's physiques like they are serenading one another before the camera. Lace-up crotched flares, statuette like leather pieces and an ultra-kinky knitted jock strap form a web that defines Ludovic Saint Sernin’s brand uniqueness - sensual nostalgia.

Lay his S/S'19 presentation to bare, and you will be provided with a wealth of messages: “It’s okay to cry” by Sophie is playing, transgender producer, artist, and champion of diversity. Pieces of his design are etched with words such as ‘lust’, and every piece touches the form with the intention of feeling wet.

Strip back the perspective, and Ludovic speaks to the scopes of sex through his designs alone. Every piece makes you feel a sense of voluptuous longing, further than just for the costumes. In this latest elope to Ludovic’s humid heaven, we are addressed with a complete wrap top, so accurately sculptured around the man physique that it edges on art - it is, in itself, teasing. And on that note, we wonder: how Ludovic may seduce both the wearer and those who observe him by breathing life into his collections?