"Contrast creates impact, history adds value, the city and the streets move...
Our designs, technique and precision are the basis of this".


Free to imagine, we are all here. Me, you, us and they are the protagonists of this story. Marcello Pipitone's in particular takes place in the suburban area of ​​Milan, an area of ​​Gallaratese in zone 8 called Bonola, where monochromatic and sleepless street characters walk the same streets.

Influenced by this picturesque environment, Pipitone lives with the desire to be noticed, to be distracted from the chaos of his environment, to attract something different. Thanks to this motivation, he puts all his creativity and motivation into a single framework, fashion.


In high school, Marcello Pipitone focused on art and opened the doors to the underground world of Milan, where he began an immersion in graffiti culture, places like the subway and also began to experience Milan's nightlife.

One day after colouring some T-shirts he realised that fashion design was his passion, and immediately enrolled at the IED fashion university in Milan. 

As a signature of his brand, the designer uses gray as the predominant color to represent what his home for him and red as the color of his streets. Both colors play a fundamental role and remain constant as part of his designs.


After studying and working closely with several brands, in 2019 he designs his first collection for an event organized by Vogue Talent and Pitti Immagine. In 2020, after graduating, he decides to start designing and producing his first completely independent collection.

Due to his conceptualization and talent, he achieved various collaborations with world renowned brands such as Salvatore Ferragno - with whom he got together to create an elegant and modern leather bag - and Ballantyne.

The combinations of different elements, craftsmanship, complex manipulations, search for top quality fabrics, technique and comfort, are concepts of great importance to this promising talent as a way of generating truth and infinity.



Marcello Pipitone focuses on denim, trousers are the most outstanding garment he works with - although he also extends to jackets - created by redesigning vintage denim by adding new materials. Marcello mixes multiple color lines that gives movement to the garments and create a link between the different worlds in a single product, in the same way that roads allow us to come together.

There is a special detail in Marcello's designs besides the pleasant aesthetic result and they are the four constant textures in all his creations, except for a fifth one which is absolutely unique in each one of them, generating legitimacy and exclusivity, as well as a sign of identity.




Pipitone wants to bring lost stories back to life in a modern, impactful and avant-garde key. A set of lines and joints that recall the energy of the city streets, sports and the subway. 

The generative instinct the designer faces, comes from dissatisfaction, restlessness, suffering to find an emptiness and the need to fill it. This filling is Marcello Pipitone's game in this world.




September 16, 2020 by La Boutik