Leeann Huang's avant-garde clothing has won admirers such as Brooke Candy, Grayson Perry, and Jazzelle with imaginative and surprising collections, placing her at the epicenter of novelty and trendsetter.

At LABOUTIK we want to get ahead of the wave and introduce you before anyone else to a brand that is making a lot of noise and that has illuminated the main streets of SHIBUYA by projecting its MA collection film across the busiest streets of the city.







Every part of Leeann Huang's work questions everything, playing on expectations and reality.

Leeann Huang has been surrounded by innovation. The designer grew up watching her grandmother make brash and untraditional outfits for her mother who devoted her life to ballroom dancing. All eyes were on Huang when her mother would show up dressed head to toe in Fendi leopard print to pick her up from Catholic school. Surrounded by idealism and distinction, Huang began to imbibe ambitious and revolutionary aspirations for what was then her environment, gradually forming a romantic vision of craft, fashion and storytelling, expanding her imagination to infinite possibilities.

These experiences not only defined boldness in her personal style, but also influenced her outstanding work from the beginning.




Leeann Huang, really wanted to be a chef but she soon realized that the kitchen fires were not made for her, although it was clear that creating something visually stunning with her hands that could make people happy was her goal. That passion eventually translated into fashion.

Mixing the best of both worlds, she created a collection that caught the attention of the best palates in the fashion industry. As at the Grand Bouffe, Leeann Huang came up with a one-of-a-kind collection of resin-dipped orange slices and walnuts that were molded into vintage chandelier chains to form trousers and welded cutlery to make handles for bags, sunglasses and earrings. 






After experimenting on her own and discovering her fanaticism for fashion, the designer traded the city of sunshine, Los Angeles, for the ambitious metropolis of London, where she graduated from Central Saint Martins and broadened her horizons as a person, surrounding herself with an abundance of diversity and appreciating a very different approach to art and design compared to the more commercialised American lens she was used to.

Today, her knowledge of design has grown greatly thanks to these new perspectives and references and has made her a promising, emerging and innovative designer who has won us all over. Leeann Huang is undoubtedly at the forefront of the next trend-setting designer, bringing her expertise as a Artisanal Design Assistan for John Galliano at Margiela to unexpected levels, playing off ideas and getting everyone excited




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February 08, 2021 by La Boutik