Seoul-born visual artist, fashion designer, rapper and beauty icon MLMA (@melovemealot) - a name inspired by Lost in Translation - is on top of the rawness and edge. 

Using Instagram as a visual gallery in which she is the art itself, MLMA has created a digitally-altered identity like no other. Her distinct style mixes the post-human with the cyborg aesthetics, constructing fantastical scenarios and serving wildly imaginative worlds habited by twin versions of herself that you won’t be able to forget.



"The most beautiful thing to me is confidence. Female or male, I really relate to people best when they’re honest and genuine. The most important thing is to love yourself. I love myself so much. It’s allowed me to create the best version of myself. I enjoy being confident and powerful.”


MLMA has managed to escape from the harsh reality to her weird, funny and mind-blowing everyday utopia, an introspection into the deepest recesses of her imagination. Her palpable artistic talent is also an inspiration for young people to put Instagram in productive and enriching use.



"I just enjoy making strange things. Art is my life, it’s literally the only reason why I’m still breathing today. It’s getting more difficult to find something unique now but I have the ability to make new things no one has ever seen before."


She also develops her talent in music, far from seriousness and overproduction, is something that she does just because is another form of art that makes her happy. Me Love Me A Lot is a unique character in his kind, ahead of worldly time, misunderstood by industry, praised by many.



As a multifaceted innovator transforming the mundane into something insane, MLMA also shows a great interest in make-up. The eponymous alt-girl went viral for posting an image of herself with wavy brows, subsequently giving birth to a whole new beauty trend - to the point even Snapchat added a filter.

In addition, when she’s not cooking up an Instagram storm with her latest edit, MLMA is a designer at the Korean thriving streetwear label SKOOT.



MLMA’s Insta feed also serves as a kind of lookbook for fashion forwardness. In the past, she has cited Marilyn Manson as one of her many personal style icons, and it’s easy to see why; she radiates the same ballsy energy that made Manson such a visual spectacle during the height of his career. 




In an online culture that loves to romanticize self-esteem and engage in acts of destruction of each other by a little extra influence on social media, MLMA - as an Internet trend in one fell swoop - has developed a parallel fantasy reality, enhanced by an ultra cool personality who pursues freedom and who seeks to convey premium capacities such as self-esteem and the courage enough to break down majestic barriers.